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This event has been created as the first attempt to see how we are doing hosting bigger and more serious events. Our idea is to provide some decent events for some decent amount of compensation for the overall bubble scene of both Rocket League and Valorant.

Our main platform is Challengermode, where all of our tournaments are hosted. 
We wanted to have something more than only the free-to-play tournaments where very often, teams do not take it seriously and either don’t play seriously or don’t even show up for some matches, which ruins the event for a lot of gamers. That is why we decided to have this Event Series as a monthly €2.50 subscription event, to get only the most serious gamers and that everyone who partakes in these events also stays until the end, due to higher prize pools and due to them having paid to participate in the event, elevating the overall event to a more serious level. 

To round everything up, we also decided to stream the semi-finals as well as the finals of each of these Primal Harvest Events, as well as pushing a lot more social media content out for these events as well.

We hope that you will be enjoying these events!

Your Sentient Management Team