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After more than 4 weeks of being offline and over 4 months not being complete, we finally have finished the first real version of our website. Unfortunately, we had quite a lot of self-made and self-decided unlucky moments, which cause the delays and headaches on our side.

We thought it would be a great idea to let a company deal without a website without paying thousands and thousands of euros, but that was the wrong move from our side. We had in the beginning planned and started working on the website on our own, but at some point, we decided to steer away from that idea and outsource it. In the end, we had to revert back to the original idea of creating the website on our own, knowing full well that it is going to take weeks or even months to get it to the point where we want to have it.

Now we do have a website and it does almost do everything we wanted it to do and to show.
We will be updating the website constantly over the next months to polish it and to add all the functionality that we wished for, some parts will be outsourced because they will require coding but 98% will be done in-house, including all the graphics.

A massive thanks to Masa and Uriel for their incredible amount of work the pulled off in order to get the website online and ready to go!

Let’s hope you guys will enjoy it 😉

The Sentient Management Team